Claims of two men tortured by Rankin County deputies surface

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Wednesday’s press conference was held across from UMMC where just a few weeks ago Michael Cory Jenkins (standing with supporters and his attorney, Malik Shabazz) was fighting for his life. (Advocate photo: Joshua Martin)

By Alice Thomas Tisdale

JA Publisher Emerita

Attorney Malik Z. Shabazz, National President of Black Lawyers for Justice, alleges Rankin County Sheriff Department Deputies Brett McAlpine and Christian Deadman tortured Michael Cory Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker by waterboarding and repeatedly tasing them.

Jenkins also reportedly was shot in the mouth and had to be transported to the University of Mississippi Medical Center after the incident occurred on January 24, 2023.

According to Jenkins’ mother, Mary Jenkins, the sheriff’s department had posted an armed deputy in her son’s hospital room and refused to allow her to see her son. He has since been released.

According to Parker, six sheriff department deputies entered his home without a warrant, accused him and Jenkins of dating white women and selling drugs, and for 90 minutes tortured them. Parker denies both assertions.

At a Wednesday press conference held in Jackson, the Black Lawyers for Justice demanded criminal charges be filed against all six officers, including Deputy Brett McAlpine and Deputy Christian Deadman; all bodycam footage be released; and Rankin County respond immediately to all Freedom of Information Act requests relating to this incident.

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Claims of two men tortured by Rankin County deputies surface

By Jackson Advocate News Service
February 20, 2023