Church Triumphant Global’s Health Innovation Strategies program, Pastor Tonya Ware receive grant

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Pastor Tonya Ware

The Church Triumphant Global’s Health Innovation Strategies recently received a grant purposed to “Building Cross Sector Partnerships to Advance Health Equity.”

Pastor Tonya Ware of the Church Triumphant Global (TCTG) said, “I’m overjoyed that we can now offer more services to our community as we carry out the theme “Partnerships for Community Impact” and truly build tangible partnerships with organizations to fulfill our purpose.”

The Church Triumphant Global’s Health Innovation Strategies is a 501(c)3 entity whose mission is to promote and deliver programs that support health equity services throughout Hinds County and the Jackson metropolitan area. The 20-month grant cycle began in September 2022 and will conclude in May 2024.

These projects have been funded in whole or in part with federal funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Department of Health and Human Services under Contract No. 1 NH 750T5OT000089-01-00. 

The Church Triumphant Global has serviced the community since 1997, operating at present with six paid staff and 62 volunteers. Pastor Tonya Ware serves as the executive director.  Additional staff include Bishop A.D. Ware (lead instructor), Regina Smith (program evaluator), and Jason Hairston (IT manager). Significant partnerships have been created with several nonprofits in the area to execute the “Building Cross Sector Partnerships to Advance Health Equity” grant that include: 

• Mississippi Department of Health

• Ballet Magnificat

• Women For Progress, MS

• West Jackson Rotary International

• Hinds County Sheriff’s Department

• Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership

• Women’s Business Network

• Merit Health Central

• The Success House

• God’s Haven Ministries

Willie Jones, a grant partner and president of Women For Progress, Mississippi, states, “I  am enthusiastic about our partnership with Pastor Ware and the holistic approach that she applies to her community service work. Her holistic approach encompasses the mind, body, and soul of her clients while exemplifying leadership and commitment to tasks at hand with a healthy dose of spirituality that resonates on a personal level.”

The Church Triumphant Global’s Health Innovation Strategies supports ongoing community program services via the “Building Cross Sector Partnerships to Advance Health Equity” grant that includes:

Health Innovative Strategies Programs

• The Theater of Possibilities: a program for K-12 students and college-age individuals. Aspects of the program include dance (Ballet and Tap), body movement, mental health well-being (meditation), leadership, and entrepreneurship. The program addresses youth crime, youth suicide, obesity, and community trauma.

• Spark Starters Business & Entrepreneurship Program: a mastermind program that focuses on improving financial literacy and fostering long-term economic stability.

• 4th Sunday Family Healthy Food Days: an effort to address food insecurity, food deserts, nutrition, and reliable access to nutritious foods, as well as provide social connections within the community at large.

• Community Resource and Mental Health Care: this program provides mental health support and service coordination as needed. 

The Church Triumphant Global Health Innovative Strategies focus group members are: 

• C. LaToya Mason-Bolden, MD, FASA, UMMC

• Tashinika Crowley, Ph.D., L.P.C., N.C.C.

• Evora Anita Knight, B.S.N., R.N., IBCLC 

• Sitaniel Wimbley, executive director, National Alliance for Mental Illness

• Dana Avant Clark, chief nursing officer, Merit Health

• Aggie Sikora, Mississippi Development Authority 

• Willie Jones, President & C.E.O., Dependable Source Corporation

• Charles Smith, certified instructor, Food for Life

The Church Triumphant Global  is located at 6531 Dogwood View Parkway in Jackson, MS 39213. Visit for additional information and/or call 601-977-0007.

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Church Triumphant Global’s Health Innovation Strategies program, Pastor Tonya Ware receive grant

By Brinda Fuller Willis
January 16, 2023