Cade fest emphasizes commUNITY

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By Dr. Theresa Bland Green

Jackson Advocate Guest Writer

Just a short distance from the Jackson Medical Mall, three traffic lights north on Bailey Avenue, perched at the intersection of Bailey and Ridgeway, is an example of an upcoming community church. If you were in this neighborhood on Saturday, April 27, 2024, you would have witnessed the  Cade Chapel Family & Community Festival. 

Kids jumping and sliding, teens testing their virtual skills in a mobile game room, seniors and children playing Bingo, Cultural Tag, Pin the Tie on the Pastor (festival highlight), community, family, and friends creating art at the painting table, the sound of old-time gospel music bouncing in the background, all within the aroma of street food being carefully prepared by selected food trucks, shadowed beneath the street signs, there was harmony between the people who live there and those who worship there. 

This scene was crafted from the visionary mind of Rev. Reginald Buckley, Senior Pastor at Cade. The idea of Family and Friends Day goes back at least 40 years at the church. However, in a post-COVID-19 environment, this pastor and congregation further realized the importance of family, friends, and “community”.  

So rather than fellowship unto themselves, the doors were opened to the entire Ridgeway community which also included Cade’s adopted school, Walton Elementary. 

The day began with a continuous gathering of community, family, and friends around 10:00 a.m. then ballooned into a full-fledged, parking lot-street festival, filled with food, fun, and entertainment complete with colorful statuesque balloons and an iridescent “Family” marquee on display.

The cool delight of a snow cone truck intrigued the young and the young at heart. Who would have imagined the simplicity of shaved ice layered with didactic sugary flavors could create intergenerational pleasure? Childhood memories were brought to life as bubbles danced in the air powered by the syncopation of men, women, boys, and girls huffing their best shot through bottled soapy water. Created anew, for the digital natives, were egg races, sack, and three-legged races.  Let’s just suffice to say, there was a lot going down in the races. 

New this year was an emphasis on community health and wellness. In partnership with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, the wellness expo offered a prescription takeback initiative. Additionally, there were many opportunities to receive health information, guidance to understanding Medicaid/Medicare benefits, knowing and understanding your numbers (blood pressure, heart rates, blood sugar, cholesterol, oxygen, etc.), eye exams, and other health-related basic care needs. 

As the sun passed on through the long afternoon, the festival ended with the gathering of a communal rendition of a Western electric slide. Yes, they did that, at this upcoming community church called Cade. If you missed it, look for it next year, same time, same place, 1000 West Ridgeway where they “Worship, Grow, Connect, and Serve the Community.”

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Cade fest emphasizes commUNITY

By Jackson Advocate News Service
May 6, 2024