BBGDF hosts 11th Annual Shero Awards Gala

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Butterflies by Grace Defined by Faith hosted its 11th Annual Shero Awards Gala on Saturday, August 21st at the King Edward Hotel. The awards show was started by Eva Jones to show support for women and men who exemplify resilience and courage. Judge Carlyn Hicks was the keynote speaker. The 2021 honorees were: Alice Abram, Shaneika Green, Willie Jones, Earlean Landing, Montoyia McInnis, Janice Mitchell, Kysia Owens, Coreaner Price, Tonjula Shelby, Stephanie Jefferson, Patricia Smith, Zakiya Summers, Latoya Taylor, Ebonnie Winfield, Angela Stokes, Felicia Marshall, Joyce Wade Hamme, Endre Matthews, Arthur Sutton, Ira Vaughn, and Marek Walker.