Attorney Justis Gibbs delivers keynote at Teen Health Mississippi

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Jackson attorney Justis Gibbs, candidate for Mississippi House District 72, delivered the keynote address to over 80 teenagers interested in expanding their leadership skills and getting active in state and local government. “Age is not synonymous with wisdom. Age has no bearing on your ability to create effective change in the communities you care about,” Gibbs said. The Mobilizing Youth Summit was hosted by Teen Health Mississippi and was held at Hinds Community College Raymond campus. “Just look at the Tennessee Three, two of them are our age (Tennessee Three: Justin Pearson, 28, Justin Jones, 27) they are changing the entire landscape of one of the most conservative state legislatures in the South,” he said. “They are leading the change by exposing legislative rules that have been on the books for quite some time that are discriminatory policies, and they are succeeding.” Attorney Gibbs encouraged the students to stay in Mississippi and contribute to the State’s young workforce. To learn more about Teen Health Mississippi, visit

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Attorney Justis Gibbs delivers keynote at Teen Health Mississippi

By Jackson Advocate News Service
June 19, 2023