An open letter to Senator Laphonza Butler

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Members of the NNPA met with U.S. Senator for California, Laphonza Butler. Pictured (l-r): NNPA President/CEO Dr. Ben Chavis Jr.; Nicole Williams, Vice President, LA Sentinel; Brandi Bakewell, Executive Vice President, LA Sentinel; Cora Jackson-Fossett, Editor, LA Sentinel; Chairman Danny Bakewell, LA Sentinel; U.S. Senator Laphonza Butler; Robert ’Bob’ Bogel, Publisher, Philadelphia Tribune; Chairman of NNPA, Bobby R. Henry Sr.; Terri Sanders, Publisher, Omaha Star News; Pamela Bakewell, Chief Advisor to the Chairman, LA Sentinel; Tamela Mitchell, Executive Assistant to the Chairman, LA Sentinel; and Jackie Hampton, Publisher, Mississippi Link.

By Bobby Henry Sr.

NNPA Chairman

The members of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) – the Black Press of America — are grateful we have a supporter in you. It was truly uplifting to know there are those in leadership that genuinely respect, understand, and believe in the role of the Black Press. Again, given the proper financial support, I reiterate that the publishers of the NNPA stand ready to reach our constituents with every available media apparatus. These include, but are not limited to print, digital, social media – and yes, person-to-person contact. 

We recognize this election will be a game of inches and we are prepared to support the ground game in our communities. We are the trusted voice. We need help accessing funding from government agencies and corporations that benefit directly and indirectly from our communities. This is an ask for reciprocity that is mutually beneficial. Let us help reach those that are not tuned into politics on a day-to-day basis; that need to know the progress that has been made toward issues affecting their lives; and can be motivated to act in their best interest. 

Once again, thank you. We look forward to hearing from you as we proceed in the spirit of TEAMM (Together each Accomplishes Much More). A special thank you to our Publisher, Danny Bakewell of the Los Angeles Sentinel. He opened the door for this conversation, and we are appreciative.

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An open letter to Senator Laphonza Butler

By Jackson Advocate News Service
March 4, 2024