An Endless Love: Alumna gives back in a big way to honor her grandmother’s love for education

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Tougaloo College alumna, Carrie Lapsky Davis ‘64, honored her grandmother’s love for education by giving back to her alma mater in a big way. Davis presented a $1 million check at Tougaloo’s 36th Annual Business Luncheon last Thursday, February 8, 2024. Pictured (l-r) with Davis are Edmond Hughes, Chairman of Tougaloo’s Board of Trustees; Dr. Delores Bolden Stamps, Vice President of Institutional Advancement; and Dr. Donzell Lee, President of Tougaloo College.

JANS – A monumental $1 million donation was presented to the college by alumna Carrie Lapsky Davis ‘64. This historic donation reinforces Tougaloo’s impact and importance in the community, state, and nation.

While thanking President Donzell Lee, Davis also credited Tougaloo President Emerita Beverly Wade Hogan as her inspiration for giving back. “I talked to her about it, and with the blessings of God, I was able to do it with the help of my family…I know my grandmother is smiling today because this is her moment.”

Davis presented the $1 million donation in honor of her grandmother Carrie Ellen Rice. Davis’ grandmother sent her to Tougaloo with her life savings – $700 packed in a Folger’s coffee can. “It’s something that will live with me for the rest of my life and I can never think of how she was able to do it,” Davis expressed.

Davis grew up in Port Gibson, Mississippi, and she believes that her grandmother propelled her life in the right direction. While at Tougaloo, Davis joined the Civil Rights Movement and became a protégé of civil rights icon Medgar Evers.

Davis concluded her remarks by saying, “I hope that this money can be a life changer for someone who deserves a good education but is financially challenged. I hope this gift will inspire others to do the same. It doesn’t have to be $1 million, but it has to be something. We should never forget to support this college, however large or small.”

Davis resides in the Hyde Park community of Chicago, IL.

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An Endless Love: Alumna gives back in a big way to honor her grandmother’s love for education

By Jackson Advocate News Service
February 23, 2024