An Encouraging Word from Pastor Herb

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“Let It Go”

Exodus 16:19-20 – 19And Moses said, Let no man leave of it till the morning. 20Notwithstanding they hearkened not unto Moses; but some of them left of it until the morning, and it bred worms, and stank: and Moses was wroth with them.

INTRO: Nothing will hold you back or keep you from reaching your full potential more than holding on to things God wants you to let go of. Sometimes we’re holding on to problems… Sin…Guilt, or sometimes we’re even holding on to people God wants us to let go. Some people come into your life for a reason…season…but very few come into your life for a lifetime. It’s important to know what to let go of, and when to let go of it. In the text we’re looking at, God had provided manna from Heaven for the children of Israel. They were given a fresh supply everyday. But there were some restrictions placed on the way they were to collect it.

I. Moses’ Declaration: Moses instructed the people to only collect enough manna for one day and not to try to hoard it. His declaration was clear. In the same way, God has given us clear declarations about how we are to live in a way that honors Him. But are we listening to and standing on God’s word?

II. Man’s Disobedience: The children of Israel disobeyed Moses’ declaration. They didn’t follow his instructions. They failed to heed his word. How often do we fail to do what God has told us to do? How often do we yield to temptation and get out of the will of God? When we do, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment, heartaches, and headaches. How many know it pays to obey God? 

III. Manna’s Deterioration: When the children of Israel tried to hold on to the manna – and when the children of Israel tried to hoard the manna – it began to spoil and stink. What are you trying to hold on to in your life that’s beginning to spoil and stink? My encouraging word for you this morning is to let it go. Don’t hold on to people, problems, positions, or anything that God is telling you to let go of. If you’ll let it go, God promises to give you a fresh supply! God wants us to depend on Him daily for our needs. But remember, God will not give you something new and fresh as long as you insist on holding on to the old and stale! 

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An Encouraging Word from Pastor Herb

By Jackson Advocate News Service
January 8, 2024