Amtrak upgrades celebrated at Yazoo City station

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JANS – Amtrak customers now have a smoother, brighter, and more accessible journey with the completion of a $3.4 million project at the Yazoo City station. The Amtrak City of New Orleans travels daily between New Orleans and Chicago, with a stop at Yazoo City, in the heart of the Magnolia State.

Amtrak, working with Yazoo City, made improvements that include the construction of a new 300-foot-long concrete platform meeting the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Other upgrades include the installation of a shelter, new lighting, railings, and upgrades to the parking lot.

“Making our stations accessible to all customers is a priority and we’re actively performing construction, renovation, repair, and upgrade projects at stations across our national network,” said Amtrak Vice President Dr. David Handera, who spoke at the ribbon-cutting event. “We want Yazoo City and all of our stations to be a welcoming and comfortable environment to all of our customers.”

“The City of Yazoo is excited about the plans for the revitalization of our city, with the most immediate focus being on our Main Street Revitalization Project, made possible through USDOT’s RAISE Grant program. Given its critical significance to our transportation infrastructure, the Amtrak Train Depot plays a key role in that revitalization plan,” said Mayor David “Mel” Starling. “Yazoo City envisions a city that is welcoming, inclusive, ADA-conscious, and safe for those who live here, as well as those who visit our city. The recent improvements to the Amtrak Station align with that vision.”

“We anticipate that the improvements will lead to an increase in travelers to our blooming city!” he added.

Amtrak has served Yazoo City, which calls itself the “Gateway to the Delta,” since 1995, when the City of New Orleans route in Mississippi was shifted westward.

Amtrak has invested nearly $800 million since 2011 in accessibility upgrades and improvement projects at 118 stations across the national network to ensure a safe, efficient, and comfortable travel experience for customers with disabilities. The improvements include repairs and upgrades to platforms, ramps and sidewalks, renovations to entranceways and restrooms, with 20 stations brought into ADA compliance last year. Another 20 stations are targeted for completion this fiscal year at a forecasted investment of $125 million.

The program is advancing 143 station designs and 39 station construction projects as part of Amtrak’s ongoing commitment to providing accessibility by working toward 100% completion by 2029.

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Amtrak upgrades celebrated at Yazoo City station

By Jackson Advocate News Service
October 16, 2023