A tribute to a King: Not yet satisfied

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Synarus Green

Almost 60 years have passed since more than 200,000 disenchanted and disenfranchised citizens gathered with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. They were dissatisfied with police brutality. They were dissatisfied because they could not sleep in the hotels and motels on the highways of America. They were dissatisfied because it appeared that people of color were being shuffled from smaller ghettos to larger ghettos. They were dissatisfied with inaccessible healthcare. They were dissatisfied because their children were being stripped of their self-confidence and robbed of their dignity. Dr. King believed the people were dissatisfied and would remain dissatisfied as long as some people in Mississippi could not vote and other people in New York believed there was nothing for which to vote. 

If Dr. King was here today, I’m sure he would want to know if we were still dissatisfied. He would want to know if America had made good on its promissory note. We would have to answer that the bank was in default and the checks had still come back marked “insufficient funds.” We would tell him that the gulf between police and the community was still wide. We would tell him that the poor are still homeless or struggling to find decent housing. We would tell him that healthcare is still unaffordable and inaccessible. We would tell Dr. King that the struggle continues.   

Our tribute to Dr. King will be to teach our children responsibility and self-confidence. We will teach our leaders the principles of accountability.  We will continue to serve in our military, legislatures, Congress, and our courts. We will protect our health, environment, and the rights of all citizens. We commit to Dr. King to be responsible for America’s future. 

Synarus Green

Green Consulting Group LLC

Candidate for Mississippi House District 72

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A tribute to a King: Not yet satisfied

By Jackson Advocate News Service
January 23, 2023