OPINION: The Israeli / Hamas War: A warning for America

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Dr. John Warren

By Dr. John E. Warren

San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper Publisher

Those who follow the news know that in recent months, there has been an internal battle in Israel as the Prime Minister has sought to abolish the role of the Supreme Court, which serves as a check and balance over the legislation under Israel’s democratic form of government.

This struggle led to massive protests, including members of the military pulling back on service as an expression of objection to the proposed changes. The next result: the conveyance of an internal conflict which led enemies of the state to decide it was a good time for an all out attack, especially during an important Jewish holiday. The result of that internal conflict has cost more than 1,000 lives in Israel and hundreds of Palestinian deaths.

Fast switch to America’s democratic problems: A legislative body unable to even pass a resolution of support for Israel because of the lack of a Speaker in a Republican led House of Representatives, with a Democratic Party standing on the sidelines, with no will or incentive to help elect a new Republican Speaker. While we argue over the much needed and necessary continued aid to Ukraine, our own military arsenal is being depleted; the Congress has no fewer than eleven appropriation bills bottled up without passage; and the Senate is locked down on military funding and promotions in critical positions because of one senator’s position on the use of military funds related to abortions and transgender care of military personnel. This is a recipe for our enemies to consider some first strike actions against us just as we experienced on 911.

The blame no longer falls on the conservative right. The right has denied elections, ignored the very Constitution they took an oath to uphold and defend and they have sought to shut down our very government with all the related consequences because they are unable to override our democratic system of government as they attempted to do on January 6th in the assault on the U.S. Capitol.

The blame now falls on the American people who are beginning to drink the kool-aid of lies and destruction, reminding us of what it must have been like when Nero played his fiddle while Rome burned.

America has a crisis in leadership that is begging China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, and all those who sympathize with them against the United States, to consider if this is not the time to become more aggressive with America. Like Rome, have we become so comfortable with our internal hate of those who don’t look like us and the degree to which we no longer wish to help anyone but ourselves at the expense of all others, that we will destroy this nation from within rather than honor the democratic principles and Godly concern for our fellow man that brought us thus far?

Yes, the war now raging between Hamas and Israel, with Hamas knowing it can’t win but being willing to slaughter innocent people to draw others into a well orchestrated conflict with the end goal of destroying Israel, is similar to looking at the Republican Party. The insane loyalty of elected members of Congress, to a madman with multiple civil convictions and more than 90 criminal charges in state and federal courts, sounds much like Hamas. Once again, the blame falls on the American people who allow a small minority, much like Hamas compared to the Palestinian people, to destroy a nation because of its own hatred.

Wake up America! Wake up before our war comes unexpectedly to our own doors and perhaps from the enemy already within that small group which calls themselves Americans, too.

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OPINION: The Israeli / Hamas War: A warning for America

By Jackson Advocate News Service
October 16, 2023