JSU v. SCSU: The rivalry is real

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2023 Cricket MEAC/SWAC Championship game, tailgate, and kickoff celebration events in Atlanta, Georgia.

When Alice invited me to cover the game between two of my favorite college football teams, I could not resist hopping on a plane Friday headed for ATL. I wore the SWAC t-shirt GM gave me last year.

The rivalry is real.

Saturday, I wore my Jackson Advocate press t-shirt. I could not resist leaving the press box when the bands hit the field at half time. Both views of the game and its fans were great.

It looked and felt like a JSU home game. Tens of thousands of fans showed up. Although JSU had by far a larger number of fans, the SCSU fans were numerous and as excited about this long-awaited rematch between two HBCU football powerhouses.

There were few penalties, and no reports of serious injuries to any player. JSU decisively won the game. Strong defense; overpowering offense. Congrats to JSU.

Congrats also to the organizers of the August 26, 2023 Cricket MEAC/SWAC Challenge. It was a family friendly, festive, and fun event enjoyed by many HBCU fans nationwide. A lot of people also enjoyed watching the game on television.

And, yes I did. On Sunday morning I proudly donned my SCSU National HBCU Championship 2021 t-shirt and headed to the airport. While on the plane train, I met a lady also proudly wearing a SCSU t-shirt.

I look forward to the next game between these two fine football teams.   

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JSU v. SCSU: The rivalry is real

By Dr. Anne Sulton, Esq.
September 5, 2023