JPS students will return to in-person learning

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Jackson Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Errick Greene, met with members of the media on Tuesday to answer questions about reopening schools this week. 

The plan is for schools to return to in-person learning but Greene says the district will continue to monitor the data.

“We are taking all of that very seriously. We want desperately to do right by our kids; so this continues to be a complex decision,” he said. “There are social issues on top of the academic concerns and health concerns. But the plan is to continue with in-person instruction.” 

Greene said he has spoken with colleagues in the surrounding districts. Although he’s seen some differences state to state and district to district, most are continuing with in person instruction. 

“Many of us have experienced COVID fatigue. We’ve become lax on masks and wearing them inappropriately,” he said. “We are sticking with our basic strategies. We will require masks worn over the nose unless eating. And we’ll reestablish opportunities to distance while determining what meal times will look like.” 

Greene says that of the 3,500 staff members in the district at least 83% of them have been vaccinated. Those who are not vaccinated will be tested weekly. In addition to that, Greene says that, because of the number of folks who support indoor athletics, the district will be moving to 50% capacity at all sporting events. 

“This isn’t what folks like to hear but we want to continue to offer these opportunities to our scholars. This is one of the ways we do it,” he said. 

The district plans on holding a vaccination drive for students Jan. 10th at Chastain Middle School (4650 Manhattan Rd.). They will offer the 2nd dose of  the Pfizer vaccine to those who need it. Greene says you can look for more vaccination drives in the upcoming weeks.

“My hunch is the more convenient they are, the more who will participate,” he said. “COVID doesn’t grow in schools, it’s brought to school. So we are encouraging smart choices at home.”

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JPS students will return to in-person learning

By Brad Franklin
January 5, 2022