JPS is getting ready for next school year

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Pictured are: Jeff Calendar, Willis Bridges, Bobby Rush, Fran Bridges, Steve Dickens, and Geraldine Catchings Hayes.

JANS – Jackson Public Schools’ pre-registration for the Fall 2023-2024 school year is well on the way. To increase pre-registration at Blackburn Middle School, Dr. Teresa Barnes, faculty, and staff invited parents to a fun-filled event May 6, 2023, with DJ Sweet Clyde Live 90.1 WMPR cranking out music to encourage school attendance and early registration. West Jackson neighbor, the legendary Bobby Rush, conducted a meet and greet to encourage grandparents, parents, school personnel, and community to collaborate effectively to reach the common goal of success for all scholars. Specialty hotdogs were grilled to perfection for a nice snack or lunch meal. Monetary prizes in the amount of $50 were awarded to two pre-registered families.

Supporters for this event included Jackson Walmart Vision Center manager, James Haynes; Men’s Ministry of St. Luther MBC, Bro. Steve Dickens and Deacon Jeff Calendar; Pecan Tree Park Neighborhood Association members; Ward 5 City Councilman Vernon Hartley; and Rep. Alyce G. Clarke.

According to Blackburn’s principal, Dr. Teresa Barnes, “We are grateful to have continuous community support that impacts students’ academic performance and social and emotional needs.

This weekend’s event was a true reflection of the proverb ‘It takes a village.’ A special thank you to the world’s oldest living performing Blues artist, Mr. Bobby Rush. His sacrifice this weekend was appreciated. He put a smile on everyone’s face. Let’s continue to register scholars for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.”

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JPS is getting ready for next school year

By Jackson Advocate News Service
May 15, 2023