JPS administrator receives Teacher Education Leadership Faculty Award

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Dr. Shevonne Loretta McDuffy-Oatis

JANS – Dr. Shevonne Loretta McDuffy-Oatis, also known as Dr. Mc-O, was honored with the inaugural Teacher Education Leadership Faculty Award for Outstanding Doctoral Graduate in Education Leadership from Mississippi College. This prestigious award, sponsored by Dr. Ruthie S. Stevenson, is bestowed upon a doctoral graduate who has exhibited both scholastic excellence and exceptional leadership qualities. Dr. Mc-O, who was part of Mississippi College’s inaugural doctoral cohort in 2008, successfully completed her program in 2012 and currently serves as an adjunct professor in the same program. 

Having dedicated her career to education in the Jackson Public School District since 2000, Dr. Mc-O’s journey began with student teaching at Clausell Elementary and Brinkley Middle School. Over the course of 16 years at Walton, she assumed various roles, including third-grade teacher, literacy coach, and interventionist. In 2016, she advanced to Central Office, initially serving as the District Lead Interventionist and presently holding the position of Program Implementation Manager. 

Despite her primary role in the Office of School Support as Program Implementation Manager, Dr. Mc-O prides herself on being cross-functional, often contributing to areas such as Teaching and Learning, Climate and Wellness, Summer Reading, Instructional Technology, Public Engagement, and the JPS Parent Center. Her responsibilities include supporting elementary schools with district programs and devising strategies for implementing Mississippi Comprehensive Automated Performance-based System or MCAPS plans. 

Dr. Mc-O is also instrumental in organizing district-level events such as the annual Summer Reading Kickoff and serves as co-director for several district-level videos. 

Throughout her illustrious career, Dr. Mc-O has earned several accolades, including the 2000 HEADWAE Student Honoree Award for Jackson State University, the 2016 JPS Outstanding Educator Award, and the 2022 District Support Staff of the Year.

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JPS administrator receives Teacher Education Leadership Faculty Award

By Jackson Advocate News Service
December 11, 2023