Fondren Fitness and GRIT Fitness and Training Announce Partnership in Jackson, MS

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JACKSON, MISS., MARCH 5, 2024 – Locally owned and operated fitness facilities, Fondren Fitness and GRIT Fitness and Training, proudly announce their partnership as they aim to enhance the fitness journey for the Jackson Metro area.

Fondren Fitness, deeply rooted in the community spirit of Jackson, has been a cornerstone for creating healthy spaces for Fondren and the wider Jackson population since 2019. Known for fostering a sense of belonging and support, Fondren Fitness has become a staple for fitness enthusiasts seeking more than just a gym – a community that cares about their well-being.

Opened in 2021, GRIT Fitness and Training is located off of Lakeland Drive in Flowood, MS. The 90,000-square foot facility was formerly home to Courthouse Racquet and Fitness. Renowned for helping individuals achieve greatness, GRIT has a diverse range of offerings, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, locker rooms with saunas, classes for all fitness levels, multiple fitness spaces with various equipment, batting cages, and a 94’ professional outdoor sprinting turf.

The strategic partnership between Fondren Fitness and GRIT marks a significant step forward in providing a more comprehensive fitness experience to Jackson and Flowood. Construction on GRIT facilities will commence soon, ensuring state-of-the-art amenities for both members and student-athletes.

Key highlights of the partnership include the introduction of Joint Memberships, allowing individuals access to both Fondren Fitness and GRIT facilities. This collaboration aims to provide members with diverse options to tailor their fitness routines and experiences.

To celebrate this exciting partnership, Fondren Fitness and GRIT Fitness and Training invite the public to drop by for a free tour of both facilities and view future improvement plans. Experience firsthand the welcoming environment and cutting-edge amenities that await members. 

For more information about Fondren Fitness and GRIT Fitness and Training, visit their respective and

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Fondren Fitness and GRIT Fitness and Training Announce Partnership in Jackson, MS

By Jackson Advocate News Service
March 7, 2024