Flaggs applauds new rail expansion for MS and LA

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JANS – The Southern Rail Commission has allocated  $500,000 for advancing passenger rail service across the I-20 corridor – a project that signifies a commitment to progress, efficiency, and sustainability.

“As our population grows and our cities expand, it is imperative that we address the challenges of limited transportation choices,” commented Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs. “The I-20 corridor, a vital lifeline for our region, will now witness a new era of connectivity through an advanced passenger rail network.”

Implementing passenger rail service along the I-20 corridor will not only provide a connection to Vicksburg and major cities like Atlanta and Dallas, but it will also focus on much needed safety and quality of life improvements for underserved residents within the broader region.

 “Reconnecting central Mississippi by passenger rail from Atlanta to Dallas/Fort Worth will provide a critical transportation link connecting the state capitol in Jackson and the vibrant economies of Vicksburg and Meridian along the I-20 corridor,” shared Flaggs. “It will offer our residents more robust transportation options to access business, healthcare, and educational opportunities across the region.”

According to Flaggs, this project is about fostering economic growth, enhancing accessibility, and creating a more sustainable future for generations to come. The passenger rail system will serve as a catalyst for job creation, attracting businesses, and fostering innovation.

“Cooperation and collaboration between Vicksburg, Monroe, Ruston, and Shreveport have been the driving force behind this project. I would like to thank Mayor Friday Ellis of Monroe, Mayor Ronny Walker of Ruston, and Mayor Tom Arceneaux of Shreveport and the Southern Rail Commission for working diligently with stakeholders, including local, state, and national government partners and advocates as well as freight railroads to establish passenger rail in the region,” he said. 

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Flaggs applauds new rail expansion for MS and LA

By Jackson Advocate News Service
January 8, 2024