CBCF 52nd Annual Legislative Conference

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Atty. Patrice Sulton (right) introduces DC Justice Fellows Jessa Royer (left) and Kenya Whitaker (center).

JANSWashington, DC: From September 20-24, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) held its 52nd Annual Legislative Conference. Its theme is “Securing Democracy. Protecting Our Freedoms. Uplifting Our Culture.”

Among the thousands attending dozens of CBCF panel discussions and other CBCF events were legislators, scholars, and activists working on education, economic development, public health, and civil and social justice issues.

In addition to formal CBCF meetings, nearly 100 private sector businesses and organizations hosted events at venues throughout the DC metro area. These events underscored the importance of the CBCF’s work and provided opportunities for CBCF attendees to continue their discussions beyond the formal CBCF meetings.    

DC Justice Lab, one of the premier organizations in DC working on reform of the criminal legal system, hosted a “mixer” at The Point restaurant. Hundreds of people from all walks of life attended. 

Attorney Patrice Amandla Sulton, DC Justice Lab founder and executive director, briefly addressed the crowd. She thanked the board of directors, staff, and donors for their generous contributions of time, money, and other resources to help DC reimagine how best to ensure community safety.

Sulton also introduced DC Justice Fellows Jessa Royer (Howard University Law School) and Kenya Whitaker (University of the District of Columbia Law School). Royer and Whitaker expressed their excitement about joining DC Justice Lab and working on the criminal legal reform and other policy positions it is advancing.

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CBCF 52nd Annual Legislative Conference

By Jackson Advocate News Service
October 9, 2023