A message from President Biden

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Official portrait, 2021

Congratulations – your student loan has been forgiven because of actions my Administration took to make sure you receive the relief you earned and deserve. 

For too long, the student loan program failed to live up to its commitments – and millions like you never got the relief you were owed because of errors and administrative failures. 

I vowed to fix that, and I’m proud that my Administration has delivered on that promise. 

I hope this relief gives you a little more breathing room. I’ve heard from countless people who have told me that relieving the burden of student loan debt will allow them to support themselves and their families, or move forward with life plans they’ve put on hold. 

Share your story about what this relief means to you.

This action is on top of all my Administration has been able to achieve for students and borrowers. We have already approved over $127 billion in debt cancellation for 3.6 million borrowers, secured the largest increase to Pell Grants in a decade, fixed the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program so borrowers who go into public service get the relief they are entitled to under the law, and announced a new negotiated rulemaking aimed at delivering debt relief to as many as possible. For those who still have student debt, my Administration has developed the SAVE Plan – the most affordable repayment plan in history that will save borrowers money on their monthly payments and prevent balances from growing because of interest. 

I’m proud that we were able to give borrowers like you the relief you earned. I promise you that as long as I am President, I will never stop fighting for hardworking American families, and will never stop working to make sure our democracy delivers for the American people.

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A message from President Biden

By Jackson Advocate News Service
December 4, 2023