Women Build, Faith Build begin construction on Stonewall Street in Virden Addition

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JANS – On June 1, Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area (HFHMCA) began two significant projects, Women Build 2024 and Faith Build 2024. Volunteers held a groundbreaking on two homes at 602 and 606 Stonewall Street in the historic Virden Addition neighborhood.

Faith Build 2024 has brought together 25 churches from across Jackson, forming a coalition of faith communities united for a shared purpose. Concurrently, Women Build 2024 is engaging women from various businesses, sororities, plus individuals who have not only raised necessary funds but are actively participating in the construction. This joint effort will provide quality, affordable housing for two families, with 10-12 volunteers dedicating their Saturdays over the next eight weeks to complete these homes.

HFHMCA Executive Director Merrill McKewen expressed profound gratitude to the donors and volunteers, emphasizing the lasting impact these builds will have on Stonewall Street. “The generosity and hard work of our community members and partners in Faith Build and Women Build are truly inspiring,” McKewen stated. “These projects provide homes with a 30 year zero-interest mortgage. Together, we are building a stronger neighborhood with homeowners rather than renters.”

The future residents will participate in the work toward the completion of their new homes. Tiffany Griffin, one of the future homeowners, expressed her gratitude: “This home is a dream come true for our family. We are incredibly thankful to all the volunteers and donors who are making this possible.” Another future resident, Adrianne Davis, shared similar feelings, saying, “Knowing that so many people care and are willing to help us build a better future is truly heartwarming.” Neighbor Sadie Mae Hicks, who moved into the home built with Women Build 2023, also shared her enthusiasm: “The past year in my new home has been wonderful, I’m happy to have new neighbors.”

For those interested in participating or donating to support these projects, more information is available on the Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area website: https://habitatmca.org/.

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Women Build, Faith Build begin construction on Stonewall Street in Virden Addition

By Jackson Advocate News Service
June 25, 2024