Ladies In Action living up to its name

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JANS – Since 2019, Shower Power, a self-care initiative for Jackson’s homeless population, has offered free showers on Fridays at its downtown location, 836 South Commerce Street. The shower truck has two separate shower units, each with soap and shampoo dispensers, mirror, sink, and changing area. Water is fed through a regular garden hose and a standard water heater to provide for each shower.  

“We want to bring hospitality to the streets by delivering mobile hygiene services to people experiencing  homelessness.  It’s about taking time to show people that you care, and restoring dignity by providing resources needed for self-care,” says founder Teresa Renkenberger. 

Several organizations have embraced Shower Power’s mission, including Ladies In Action (LIA), a small group of local women committed to community service and sisterhood! Members on hand last Friday to deliver needed hygiene supplies were: Barbara Monroe, Burnette Brown-Smith, Sherry Powell, and Joann Funchess.

To date, Shower Power has given well over 3,500 showers to people in need and fed, fellowshipped, and ministered to as many as a few hundred unique visitors. It’s estimated that the homeless population in Jackson numbers somewhere between 800 and 1,000. Food and basic necessities, clothing items, and hygiene items are provided as well.

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Ladies In Action living up to its name

By Jackson Advocate News Service
July 24, 2023