Alcorn State University expands course offerings with STEM MBA Program

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JANS – Alcorn State University is gearing up for a new STEM MBA Program, offered by the School of Business. With a focus on developing STEM skills, knowledge, and an interdisciplinary mindset, this 30-credit hour program aims to meet the growing demand for business professionals with STEM backgrounds.

Dr. Antwon Woods, Dean of the School of Business, expressed his enthusiasm for the program. “By creating a STEM-focused MBA program, we hope to bridge the gap between business and technology, providing students with the information, skills, and industry connections they need to succeed in STEM-focused careers,” he said.

The program is self-paced and delivered online, offering engaging multimedia content, interactive exercises, and quizzes to accommodate different learning styles. It places a strong emphasis on developing analytical and problem-solving skills, including statistical analysis, data modeling, and decision-making techniques. Through collaborations with industry partners, students will have access to internships, real-world projects, and networking events that foster connections between academia and industry. Encouraging collaboration among students, faculty, and experts from diverse backgrounds and professions, the program creates an environment where business and STEM perspectives intersect to solve complex problems.

“This unique program is the result of thoughtful preparation and a keen awareness of the evolving economic and technological landscapes,” said Dean Woods. “We are proud to be Mississippi’s first university and the first HBCU nationally to provide a multi-disciplinary online program with concentrations in accounting, healthcare management, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.”

STEM MBAs are in high demand in tech companies, startups, and other innovation-driven organizations. The integration of STEM subjects in the MBA curriculum provides students with a unique skill set that is highly sought after in STEM-focused professions and industries. Graduates of the program will be equipped to tackle business challenges that require an understanding of scientific and technological concepts, as well as the ability to analyze data, innovate, and make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Classes begin on August 19, 2024, and will proceed in 8-week modules. Online registration will be available through August 16. Applicants must hold a STEM-related undergraduate degree and/or have relevant professional experience to be eligible. To ensure that students are prepared for the rigorous program, a self-paced, non-credit STEM MBA readiness course is also offered. This course covers two modules — foundational STEM concepts and introductory business principles.

The development of this program was made possible by an initial seed fund of $152K from the MD-HBCU grant. Applicants for the STEM MBA program can explore funding options through FAFSA or graduate assistantships. Graduate assistantship opportunities are also available for qualified applicants.

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Alcorn State University expands course offerings with STEM MBA Program

By Jackson Advocate News Service
June 25, 2024